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Olympus WS-500 Recorder

This Olympus digital voice recorder is user-friendly and easy to use with a few helpful tips.

  • Start by familiarizing yourself with the main functions of the recorder:
  • HOLD = on/off

    MUSIC/VOICE setting should be set to VOICE


    You should not have to play with the MENU, LIST or INDEX/ERASE buttons.

    click on image above for larger view

    • Connect headphones into the EAR input jack to hear what the recorder hears.  Make sure that your volume is audible without distortion.
    • Hit REC to begin recording.
    • The recorder should be held about 6 inches away from the mouth and slightly off to the side to avoid wind distortion caused by breath.   If recorder is set on table during interview, place recorder accordingly so that all voices are equally audible while conducting your interview.
    • Note the File Number and Folder Letter in which your audio is being recorded.  You will find this in the top left corner of the recorder screen.  Write this down on a piece of paper so that when you upload this audio file to your computer you can easily identify which file is yours.
    • Hit STOP once you have finished your interview.
    • Connect the recorder to your computer with the USB stick attached to recorder.
    • Identify your File Number and Folder on computer.
    • If you are working on a Macintosh computer you will need to convert your audio file from WMA to WAV or Mp3 before importing into Audacity.  You can do this easily online at:
    • Visit for Audio Editing Tutorial
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