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Values and Policies

Shires Media Citizen Press Corps Values and Policies


The Shires Media Partnership is working with  Bennington and surrounding communities to create a Citizen Press Corps where community members are given the opportunity to write and record their own news stories.  The Citizen Press Corps values a diversity of ideas and voices; civility and respect in the articulation of such ideas; open identity; and ethical reporting that strives for accuracy, thoroughness, fairness, transparency, creativity, originality, and a local perspective.


The Community Journalist is responsible for her/his own content. By participating in the Shires Media Citizen Press Corps project each Community Journalist agrees to acknowledge all derivatives in her/his original work. The views expressed are that of the Community Journalist and she/he agrees to credit anything that isn’t.  The Community Journalist owns her/his own content and by submitting gives permission for Shires Media to publish their text/audio/video content on,, on-air on WBTN AM, and the Shires Media Citizen Press Corps podcast.  The Community Journalist is free to use her/his own content in any other time/place/manner they so choose. By submitting community journalists also attest to obtaining rights/permission necessary for distribution of content, accept complete liability of their submission, and hold harmless Shires Media Partnership and WBTN AM.  In valuing open identity journalism and in order to encourage a productive dialogue among Bennington citizens, the Community Journalist agrees to identify themselves in connection with their story and any relating comments posted to  The Community Journalist agrees to potential editing of her/his piece with the notion that WBTN AM staff will work to preserve the content of the story and all edits will need final approval by the author. WBTN reserves the right to not publish and/or edit works that violate these policies.  In the event that this occurs all involved parties will be notified.

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