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Welcome to the Shires Media Citizen Press Corps
Shires Media Partnership is extending its reach into the community by creating a Citizen Press Corps. The Citizen Press Corps aims to empower community members to collect and report news and stories using online community forums, new digital media, and our old-line broadcast media.

The task of Shires Media is to provide the greater Bennington community with a voice for itself. The air space allotted to WBTN-AM by the Federal Communications Commission is seen by us as a community resource with the potential to express and enhance the lives of the people of the community. Through traditional radio broadcasting and through new media such as on-line streaming and the building of on- line community forums, the Shires Media Partnership provides large-voice venues for ordinary citizens.

Shires Media Partnership Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporate formed in 2009 to acquire and operate radio station WBTN-AM in Bennington, Vt.  Its board consists of residents of Bennington and the region.  Shires Media Partnership educates, inspires, entertains, and enriches the civic roles and lives of residents of Bennington and its surrounding area through independent, participatory, sustainable services that are highly valued by the community. The Shires Media Partnership does so directly through both traditional radio broadcast media and through other state of the art and innovative electronic media.

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