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Vermont House of Representatives- Bennington Area Voting Districts

In Bennington, Local News, Politics, Pownal, Shaftsbury on October 28, 2010 at 9:11 am

Story by Community Journalist, Bob Howe.

GENERAL ELECTION DAY- November 2 (Tuesday) 2010- Bennington Area House of Representatives

In anticipation of Tuesday’s Mid-Term Election, Bob Howe explains the Bennington area Vermont House of Representatives voting districts .  Click on map link to view while listening.

Map of Vermont House of Representatives Voting Districts

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District: Shaftsbury/Glastenbury # 3- (vote for one Member)

Alice Miller (D)    winner 2010

Francis Kinney  (R)

District: Bennington/nb # 2-1- (vote for two members)

Tim Corcoran (D)    winner 2010

Brian Campion (D)    winner 2010

Joe Krawczyk (R)

District: Bennington # 2-2- (vote for two members)

Anne Mook (D)       winner 2010

Mary Morrissey (R)     winner 2010

Brandy Reynolds (D)

Claude DeLucia (PRO)

District: Pownel/Woodford # 1- (vote for one member)

Bill Botzow (D)     winner 2010


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